Designed by the architect Stigler in 1955 using the furniture of a deconsecrated church of 1500, Sabatini is today the only Italian restaurant protected by the Fine Arts. Sabatini is a restaurant with great personality that still today contains so many memories left by artists and aristocrats who frequented it in the 70s. With 4 rooms of over 1000 square meters in total, Sabatini can accommodate up to 200 guests. 


“Giardino d’Inverno”, is the main and largest room, representing perhaps the most characteristic and special of Sabatini. This area of ​​the restaurant was created by closing a part of the winter garden, still visible in part from inside the restaurant. Together with the nearby Terrazza room, these rooms are the heart of the restaurant.▽


 The “Massimo” Room can also be used for private events up to 60people thanks to a dedicated entrance. This room is ideal for dinners and business lunches, business meetings, and tour groups. This room is available in various configurations with personalized menus for any need.


La Sala “Delia“, con splendido affaccio sul giardino d’inverno, è situata nella parte posteriore del ristorante e può accogliere fino a 40 persone. Ideale per chi desidera uno spazio raccolto e ben definito nel locale, è un’ottima soluzione per cene e pranzi di lavoro, compleanni, anniversari. Anche in questo caso, Sabatini può realizzare menù personalizzati per qualsiasi necessità.

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