Sabatini Firenze’s head chef Alessio Mori takes a fresh and innovative approach to his imaginative cuisine.

Here, his inspiration is always drawn from the ingredients.

His team of Michelin trained chefs work in harmony to create exceptional dishes that honour the seasons in Tuscany.



Prato born Mori has worked in many prestigious restaurants and gourmet establishments in Italy and Europe, including the award-winning Four Seasons Hotel in Florence.

His culinary style is highly disciplined and beautifully executed, combining authentic Tuscan cuisine with French influences and more inventive international flavours.



Sourcing the finest local ingredients for his seasonal dishes, Mori works with organic suppliers whenever possible.

Most of the ingredients we use at Sabatini Firenze are 0km and grown in and around the city.

For example, we get our biological meat and vegetables from Fabio Picchi’s company C.Bio and our fruit and vegetables from Filippo Vettori who has a little shop in the center of Florence, near borgo San Jacopo. Our menu at Sabatini Firenze embraces both classic and contemporary Tuscan cuisine and celebrates the fresh and exciting flavours of Florence”.